Products and Services

1. Clicking Die

Made from the most durable steel blades, clicking dies are suitable for cutting thick materials and those requiring multiple-step stamping such as fabric, leather, and sponge. These dies are suitable for jobs with high volume and ones which are flexible with tolerances.

2. Wood Die

2.1 Flat Die (Thomson Die)


Made of steel blades embedded in quality plywood, these dies are suitable for various applications such as packaging, paper boxes, stickers and are widely used for cutting automotive/ electronic/ industrial parts. Flat dies can also be designed as full-cut or half-cut with various types of base material other than wood such as acrylic, steel, etc. which are available in different thicknesses. Short blades with height of 8 to 12 mm. suitable for cutting labels/ stickers are also available.

2.2 Rotary Die

Shaped in a form of half cylinder, rotary dies are especially made to fit in rotary machines for high speed cutting of materials. These dies are suitable for high volume jobs which prioritizes on cutting speed rather than accuracy such as corrugated boards.

3. Pinnacle Die

Pinnacle die is an upgraded version of die enhancement and has become a global standard in today’s mould manufacturing industry. Due to its unique characteristics in sharpness, preciseness, durability, and seamless blade, our products are made to always satisfy customers’ demand. Pinnacle die is suitable for customers in the printing, stickers, electronic parts industries and for products that need high precision and smoothly cut edges.

Products of high quality and precision are made possible with SCK’s pinnacle dies especially produced to suit your needs.

4. Die Set

Using even more advanced technology and machinery than its predecessors, SCK’s die set products represent the most durable and sophisticated dies to date. This set of custom-made dies supports single and multiple step stamping jobs but requires simple maintenance to maintain its longevity. Die set is suitable for jobs which are unable to be cut by normal die cut blades. Made from industrial grade steel, die set is able to handle large number of stamping and is capable of cutting various range of materials from thin films to even metal. Its optimal durability makes die set an ideal choice for die cost reduction in the long term. Moreover, every manufacturing process is carried out in-house therefore production time can be controlled precisely, resulting in timely delivery. Die set products vary upon customers’ requirements and usage, which for instance range from NC dies, compound die & stamping mould, to dies for automotive/ electronic/ industrial parts.

The future of advanced die technology starts with SCK’s die set.