Company Profile

– 1978 A.D. (2521 B.E.) Started the business by producing customized clicking dies mainly for cutting shoe soles, rubber, foam, leather, etc. We then moved on to producing wood dies (Thomson Die/ Die cut block/ Die cutting tool/ Flat-bed Die) using industrial grade CAD technology in designing products for packaging sector, mainly for cutting corrugated paper, stickers, gaskets, electronic and automotive parts, foam, rubber, sponge, plastics, leather, textiles, etc.

– 1996 A.D. (2539 B.E.) Acquired our first laser cutting systems equipped with high precision machinery for use with more complicated jobs.

– 1998 A.D. (2541 B.E.) Opened Rotary Die department for producing dies especially for packaging sector, focusing on cutting corrugated papers to handle high volume with high cutting speed.

– 2003 A.D. (2546 B.E.) Added one more laser machine in order to increase production capacity twofold.

– 2005 A.D. (2548 B.E.) Opened Pinnacle Die department for producing flat steel plate dies to support jobs that require higher precision and can be customized according to required specifications.

– 2006 A.D. (2549 B.E.) Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certificate guaranteeing standardized management and production procedures.

– 2010 A.D. (2553 B.E.) Upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 for more updated and efficient systems.

– 2013 A.D. (2556 B.E.) Completely transformed to one-stop-service die cutting tools manufacturer (Integrated Die Maker) by opening Die Set department for producing Compound Die, Stamping Mold/ Die, Combined Pinnacle, QDC, NC Die, Spare Part, Jig & Fixture, Automotive Part/ Die, Steel Vic, etc.

– 2017 A.D. (2560 B.E.) Upgrading to ISO 9001:2015 to ensure most efficient and up-to-date systems possible.

– 2018 A.D. (2561 B.E.) Successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification and quality standards have been maintained.

– 2019 A.D. (2562 B.E.) Plans are in place for acquiring new machines (laser, welding, and auto-bending machines) to increase even more productivity.